2012 Resolutions: Accountability Time

Ok, so this is a little late by the standards of New Year’s Resolutions, but I don’t believe anything is too late. You can fix anything in your life at anytime, or at least make the attempt. We all wait for New Year’s to do it, but we don’t have to. I joined the gym 2 months ago… have I been there every week, twice a week like I’ve wanted? No, but it’s a start. I think we’re all a little too hard on ourselves and a bit too negative (myself at the front of that list), so it’s time to give that up and look at how I can make this the beginning of something incredibly awesome!

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Where I’m At: November 18th, 2011

So about this time a year ago, I was crammed into my aunt’s place thanks to a fire in my apartment. I’ve been back at this crap hole for like  9 months now, but things are looking up.

Since the fire, I’ve written 3 issues of Wrayth. Not a lot of writing for NINE MONTHS, but I’m working on it. Considering I did little to nothing in the past few years, it’s a start. The first arc is 4 issues, but really, it’s like 12. Each 4 issue story flows into the other, so it’s not fair to say that each 4 issue story is it’s own arc. I’m hoping to get started on working on this thing next year. I want to have a year’s worth of scripts written by June, and I want an artist by spring, as early as possible, so we can discuss the book. Here’s hoping. I’ll work on it tomorrow most likely.

I also started working out. 2nd workout was today. So far, so hideous. I am so out of shape. Slowly building up my stamina and  conditioning, but every time I look around, most people at the gym are skinny and/or really built. It seemed like some people were there to put on muscle or they were there to keep what they had going. Just feels weird… of course I hate how I look so nothing is going to change that until I have like killer superhero abs. It’s surprising how good I feel after a workout. I feel like taking on the world. I feel unstoppable. I feel like getting in a ring and going 60 minutes in an Iron Man Match. I feel like facing the hordes of Xerses with nothing but a sword and shield. So yeah, it’s having a good effect on me. I feel better. I’m ever so slightly more focused. Didn’t write today, unless you count this.

All in all, I don’t feel bad. There are some things missing in my life, and I haven’t accomplished everything I want to, but I’m taking more significant steps than I have in a while.

I am the Double-R Superstar. I’m really starting to feel that.

Man, I’ve watched WAAAYYY too much wrestling…

Western Fight Scenes I Like

It’s funny, the thing I am most proud of my Chinese heritage is the violence. The movie violence. I LOVE a good fight. I LOVE watching a good fight, to be specific. Do I want to get my face pounded in? Maybe a little (Thanks Fight Club!). I like pain on some level, but I love watching people inflict pain artistically. Don’t get me wrong, I like gunfights and I like Western style fights… but kung-fu is so much more elegant. Wrayth is all about kung fu fighting, and people doing amazingly awesome things, sort of like East meets West. The style of the East with the barbaric power of the superheroes of the West. Imagine Thor using Hung Gar to fight Hulk who’s using Southern Crane. Haymakers are fine, but a couple of well placed punches and kicks FOLLOWED by a haymaker? That is art on the level of the highest painters, sculptors and orators. So here are some of my favorite Western cinema fights, in no particular order:

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Agenda: July 1st to July 7th

New take on the Agenda: I realized that I’m only really doing anything on my days off, so why not start this on the first day of my “weekend” (Friday, Saturday), and then keep myself accountable for the next few days. Honestly, I wake up around 9 – 9:30 am on days I work, and I get home at 10 pm… I sleep at 12 to 12:30. I might be oversleeping… but I also wake up every night around 2 or 3… either way, I basically get 2 hours of time to do stuff on work days, and I like to watch Daily Show/Colbert and catch up on e-mails and random stuff… so planning for every day doesn’t make sense, except if I just want to get angry at myself, or if I actually change my habits. It’s more likely I’ll get angry than I’ll change. It’s a slow process to change, so I’ll work on it, but gradually.


– Send e-mails to people I promised e-mails.

– Budget next pay cycle.

– July Spreadsheet

– Plot Wrayth arc 2.

– Write Wrayth issue 2.

– Work out BO51 story.

– Write blog entry for halfway point of Fantasy Baseball seasons.

– Edit and Release GUN 88.

Agenda for June 19th to June 26th


– Budget for next pay cycle (Weds or Thurs)

– Pack for trip (Thurs): Going to Philly Fri and Sat, maybe even Sun?

– Plot BO 51 (Mon or Sun)

– Write a GL review for Geeks Unite/This Blog (Mon)

– Edit and release GUN 87 (Mon)

– Midtown Blog (Mon): Probably going to do a piece on the Big Apple Drink and Draw.

– Send some e-mails (Mon/Sun): I owe some e-mails to people and I really need to get off my ass.


Midtown Blog: Already done

– Plot Black Ops 51 for about 3 stories worth UPDATE 06/17: Still working out the group’s composition.

– Re-Plot Wrayth UPDATE 06/17: This has become a challenge!

– Outline issue 2 of Wrayth

– See Green Lantern:  will post a review soon!

– Read a non-comic/magazine for about 20 – 30 pages (finish whatever chapter page 30 is in)

– Finish my “Drawing” Blog post

– Groceries

Check out jobs on Craigslist, see what’s out there. Maybe part time? Two jobs at once + writing isn’t fun, but it’d mean my freedom from the parentals.

Honestly, I don’t know anymore. I think I’m being really stupid and stubborn. That’s the Asian Survivalist in me. He wants me to get a decent paying job and live safely. The “Writing is my Life” guy wants me to go for what I really want. Honestly? The Lazy Ass is beating them both anyway. So we all have to kick Lazy Ass out and THEN let the other two fight it out.